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Man killed by electric chair in Tennessee.

Edmund Zagorski, a convicted double murderer has been executed through electrocution for the April 1983 killing of John Dale Dotson and Jimmy Porter in Robertson County. Having been sentenced to death March 27, 1984.

Then, at 29, Zagorski was convicted for killing the duo of John and Jimmy during a drug deal. After investigation, prosecutors said Zagorski shot John Dotson and Jimmy Porter and then slit their throats after robbing them. The two men had approached him to buy about $25,000.00 worth of marijuana.

The 63 year old, was pronounced dead Thursday at 8:26 p.m. EDT in the presence of about 8 people believed to be his relatives at the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, becoming the first to die in the electric chair since Daryl Horton in 2007.

Zagorski initially was scheduled to die by lethal injection Oct. 11, but he requested to die by electric chair because according to him, the latter is a less painful and “more humane” way to die.

Kelley Henry, attorney to Zargorski desciribed the electric chair as “the lesser of two evils,” WKRN reported last month.

The lawyers’ eleventh hour efforts at saving him through an appeal was rejected two minutes before the execution was scheduled to begin, The Tennessean reported.

He was reported to have orders for pig meal before his execution.

When asked if he had any last words, “let’s rock,” was all Zargorski said as he entered the death chamber, the newspaper reported.


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