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2019:Prohpet Abiara sees danger…insists Nigeria must pray!

The former General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), and the founder of CAC Agbala Itura worldwide, Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara on Saturday said danger looms as the country prepares for the 2019 general elections.

Disclosing this during a World Press Conference to herald the upcoming Jesus Festival 2018, at the old Ife road Ibadan headquarters of the church, Prophet Abiara who begged God to listen to, and answer the collective prayers of the people, for peaceful elections and a united Nigeria, also enjoined others to pray for the aversion of the threatening disaster.

According to the popular evangelist, the Jesus Festival, which is billed to start on Monday 3rd and end on Sunday 9th December, is being put up by the church for ministers of God from all over the world to avert the looming danger on an highly tensed political landscape.

God’s generals expected at the programme include Pastor W . F Kumuyi of Deeper Life Ministries, Pastor Matthew Asimolowo, Pastor Isaac Abiara from the United States, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Rev Samson Ayokunle; Prophetess Esther Ajayi from London and Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji.

He said Nigerians, irrespective of their political, religious, or ethnic affiliations need to seek the face of God, and more fervently at this time, because accorthing to him, the country as always sustained on the the prayers of the prayerful few.

“God said there would be peace for Nigeria if men of God come together and pray for the country .The future of Nigeria is good if we pray, irrespective of our religion .

Highlighting the impact of prayer on the relative peace and continued existence of Nigeria, he said “the country could have been in crisis before now if not for the prayers of the men of God in the country”, adding that “there are clerics and servants of God across denominations and churches praying for this nation and that is why there is still peace in Nigeria . Prayer has been the saving grace upholding the country.

“God said there would be peace for Nigeria if men of God come together and pray for the country . The future of Nigeria is good if we pray , irrespective of our religion . We don’ t have to listen to prophets of doom concerning the nation.

“I am not a prophet that scares people with vision of doom but when we talk , we have our reasons . Government should look for a way to pay the salaries. If workers go on strike, it will affect many Nigerians .

“I call on other prophets and other servants of God, even if they see anything bad or glooming, they must not speak evil but call other men of God to pray for peace and unity of Nigeria . There is danger ahead but with prayer, all will be resolved . We need to call on God of peace to interfere in the affairs of this country”.



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