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Ambode’s problem may be spiritual

The forces militating against the re election bid of the Lagos state governor, Mr. Akniwumi Ambode may transcend the ordinary political power tussles that usually characterize the build up to elections in Nigeria, which is usually born out of politicians’ bid to gratify their uncharitable interest.

Or, how do one describe the unfolding events on the Lagos political stage, where a governor who is adjudged to be one of the best the country as ever produced is confronted with so stiff an opposition, staring at him in the face like a Goliath before the children of Israel, dwarfing the kind any opposing political party can pose, from within his own political party.

Some salient factors and events needed to be critically appraised before any conclusion could be drawn as to reason(s) why opposition to Ambode’s second term ambition is becoming stiffer by the day.

Why would Ambode’s second term attempt as a governor be opposed by a Tinubu, who personally became enemy to many now estranged friends for bringing him onto the stage in the first place?

There is more to the deafening silence of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, incumbent governor’s political god father and national leader of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The foregoing and other questions begging for answers can be summed up and are link able to the conclusion that a hand unseen is at work against the incumbent governor’s ambition of a second term.

The two term-each-tradition for governors of Lagos state remained unbroken since the advent of the current forth republic.

There is also an indisputable spiritual angle to the current wave and magnitude of opposition to Ambode’s re election bid.

Followers of events of the Ambodes’ regime would as well recall the incidence last year, of the sacking by  the Governor, of the Presiding Chaplain, the Chapel of Christ the Light, Ikeja, Venerable Femi Taiwo, for allegedly disrespecting the governor’s wife, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode.

When a nation offends God, unworthy oppositions arise to torment it (Joshua chapter 7). When a man goes against the will of God, he suffers undeserved and unexpected opposition, humiliation and (sometimes) defeat. Judges chapter 14.

Now, as a matter of concern, advising the first family to seek forgiveness from political ‘principalities and powers’ (whose dying minute revolt is suffocating), may just not be enough . But rather, seeking forgiveness from God, whose servant was alleged to have been booted out on May 15th 2017, amidst controversies for not according the first family, through the first lady their due respect.

Men should seek forgiveness and restitution from and on all identifiable fronts.

Guide our leaders aright oh God.


Mr. Seyi

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