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Dokubo reveals Buhari’s fund raising secrete. Says president is a betrayer.

Major political figure from the south-south and founder of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has disclosed the source of President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign funds and warned that he is a betrayer.

In an internet video that has gone viral, Asari disclosed that the slayed Libyan leader, Mamman Ghadafi had always taken care of every of Buhari’s electioneering campaign financially.

“I have told you people in 2011, It is a ritual every time, every election season, Buhari goes to collect money from Ghadafi, and in 2010, I was there when Suleiman and Buba Galadima came to collect money.

“And in the crisis that consumed Ghadafi; orchestrated by the counter revolution, anti people page talks of the United States, Buhari did not stand up for his friend, he did not stand up for is friend! He watched his friend cut to death, and I said, a man who could betray his benefactor like that will betray anybody, Buhari

I warned Suleiman and Buba Galadima about Buhari’s betrayal but they did not listen. Today, Galadima has started singing like a parrot”

“He was in NNPC as Minister/Federal commissioner for petroleum resources, what happened? 2.8billion got lost. They swept it under the carpet”

“He was in PTF, what happened? Billions billions got lost and he was indicted, I was there…..”

“Now, his wife came out to say he is not in charge of the government”

Asari also also narrates how a fan of Buhari and his personal friend had told him that there is no thief like Buhari in Nigeria.

According to him, “my friend just came back from Daura, GRA Daura, he is a supporter of Buhari, he said that wallahi wallahi wallahi, there is no thief like Buhari in this country”

Asari in the video also called the president some unprintable names.


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