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Flesh: Another sense organ.

Christianity is a journey, and it actually starts from the time you are able to mortify some of your members. When you become crucified with Jesus, while you still continue to live.

Mortify some members. Crucified with Christ, yet you live! This can better be explained when we liken it to the human sense organ, which makes us respond to external stimuli. Biology in the secondary school taught us five of them; the eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to perceive an odour, which could be pleasant or offensive, our tongue to recognise or discern tastes, and fifth, our skin to feel, recognise, differentiate and also adapt to external bodily conditions such as pain, prick, sooth, cold and hot among others.

A Sixth Sense.

One must not but mention here that some reasonings have also recognised a sixth sense as the ‘common sense’, which makes you know the right things all the time without being taught.

Holy Spirit and common sense.

Though not adequately defended by the proponents of this opinion, ‘common sense’ is likened to the Holy spirit, working in the life of a believer. They say it is that thing in a believer that, guides, guards, teaches and reminds of all things and in all things.

Flesh too responds to external stimuli.

But the Bible, the Word of God, through the inspiration of His spirit, has also shown us clearly that ‘flesh’ is also a sense in us that respond in ungodly manners to all things and in all things.

A spade a spade

‘Flesh’ or ‘Mr. Flesh’ as some people have suddenly decided to call the sense organ, that is more appropriately revered to as ‘the flesh’, is that thing that responds inappropriately and in ungodly manner at anytime and situations.

The need to mortify.

Unless a man’s eyes are mortified or blinded, such a man will not stop seeing. Unless a man’s ears are mortified or deafened, such a man will continue to hear both the good and the bad sound. Same for all other sense organs too. As a matter of fact, all the sense organs including ‘the flesh’, has to be deactivated if we don’t want them to serve those purposes. If we choose not to enjoy their services any longer; yes, they must die!

It is a must!

The flesh must be put to death by crucification. With Jesus on the cross must we allow them to be crucified.

A certain member must be mortified.

That part of me that responds to sinful stimuli must die. This is what is meant by crucified yet living. That part of you that pays evil for evil; that part that pays evil for good; that part of us that only pays good for good alone; that part that can not forgive; that which can not give to the undeserving; that part that is unstable and are there by tossed back and forth. They all must die!

The way out.

It takes coming to the throne of grace with boldness. It takes being washed in the purifying blood of Jesus Christ which was shed at Calvary.

Going about it.

Get yourself in the believing mode. I mean, faith in the power of Jesus for cleansing, for libration and transformation from the mindset of self conviction into a justified mindset.

You have to detest sin and sinfulness. It is wisdom.

Get yourself also in hate mode. Yes. Hate mode for sin and all sorts of filthiness, carriers of which will not see the Lord. Love God and Hate sin. This is wisdom.

The power of God hold us. Amen!


Mr. Seyi

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