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High Rate of Converts from Islam to Christianity is a Major Headache for Churches in Turkey.

The biggest headache for the church in Turkey now is how to cope with the demands of the numerous disillusioned Iranian Muslim refugees who convert to Christianity in their thousands on a daily basis, according to experts in the region.

Sebnem Koser Akcapar, a sociology professor at Istanbul’s Koç University, told the Turkish National Radio, that the numbers of Iranian converts to Christianity has “grown tremendously over the years.”

“A small church consisting of 20 to 30 families has become a much bigger congregation housing 80 to 100 people on a regular Sunday,” she told NPR.

A 37 year old convert who gave is name simply as Farzana, for fear of her safety, switched from Islam to Christianity because of the way Iran treats women can face the death penalty.

Basking in the joy and satisfaction of her newly found life; she says: “It feels good. Our relationship to God becomes closer,” Farzana told NPR of her new faith.

“Mostly because of this I became disillusioned with Islam,” she said. “That judge sitting there and giving orders was completely siding with men. Everywhere in Iran men come before women.”

A trusting female friend, who is also a convert herself had introduced Farzana to Christianity in her most trying period.

“Once she began trusting me, she gave me photocopied writings and said, ‘I’m giving these to you as a gift. Go read them. These are the word of God,’” Farzana said.


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