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It is paganism for churches to have different doctrines. – Pastor Adelaja Sunday.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja the Ukraine based Nigerian pastor is a man with an apostolic gift for the 21st century. He recently bore his mind on the diversity of church doctrines as is witnessed this days in the body of Christ, describing it as “paganism and syncretism”. Hear him…

When it comes to doctrines, nobody should have his own doctrines. The way Christianity is designed is that nobody should have his or her own doctrines.

This is a Nigerian reality and occurrence when every church has their own doctrine. It shouldn’t be in Christianity. In Christianity, truth must be paramount. Truth must be absolute and universal.
The doctrines of Christianity are supposed to be the same everywhere, either in Greece, America, Brazil, Iceland, South Africa, Japan or Libya.

Christianity is supposed to be uniform and the same. We shouldn’t be saying everybody has his own doctrine. So, that is the problem we are having in the Nigerian church.

Every G.O is his own Jesus Christ, lord and savior bringing his own doctrine. This exactly is what we must correct. So, the things I am talking about are not unique to me.

The doctrinal errors that I am correcting are not my own opinion. Rather It is what Christianity has stood for from the beginning of ages, before we all were born.

Even in Nigeria the things I am presently talking about used to be the norm some time ago. When I was growing up in Nigeria in the 70’s and 80’s, the born-again Christians those days were not like this. Go back and examine what the believers used to believe. They never had G. O’s. Even when I got born-again in deeper life, Pastor Kumuyi was called brother Kumuyi. Everybody was a brother and sister. Even people like Kenneth Hagin was called a brother.

There was an equal ground for everybody. No supermen in Christianity. The more God uses you, the humbler you become. So that is the Christianity that is still obtainable all over the world. Go to other countries of the world and confirm. Don’t just use the Nigerian reality to judge Christianity.

We have lost Christianity in Nigeria. If you want to know what Christianity looks like, go back to the 80’s and remember what the Christians used to look like. That is Christianity, but what we have today is a departure and error. It is paganism. It is syncretism. We don’t have Christianity again in Nigeria and most of Africa.

So, we all have to raise our voices and correct this aberration in the Nigerian church.


Mr. Seyi

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