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Text: JOHN3:16, 1 JOHN 3:16-19, JAMES2;15-17, 1 PETER1:22, ROMAN12:9

There are lots of teachings about love, it is a common message on the pulpit stressing its importance as an instrument of unity in the body of Christ. However, it is quiet unfortunate that either Christians lack the knowledge of the spiritual meaning of the word ‘’Love” or a problem of spiritual apathy, Christians still backbite, kill one another spiritually, selfishness and self centeredness is still prevalent among us.
Love is more than mere expression of felling and emotion, it is more than talking about the needy, it is not just talking about your love for God, it is about obeying him. Ezekiel33:31.

-Love means passion for a thing or person.
-It reflects affection and strong attraction which suppose to bring happiness and without pain.
-It also means adoration and worship.
-It is the use of spiritual gifts to impart people positively and not mere presence of the gift 1cor13:3.
-The true love is demonstrated by act of giving, as exhibited by God and Jesus Christ John3:16.
-It is the perfection of the law.
However in 1Cor13:1-35 it is discovered that act of giving, service, spiritual gift does not on their own constitute love because all these can carry along (1) Pride (2) Selfishness (3) Lust (4) Anger(5) Hatred (6) Envy etc.

According to Romans. 12:9-16
(1)Love must be sincere. v9a
(2)Love must be discerning v. 9b
(3)Love must display tender affection. v 10a
(4)Love must honor others. v 10b
(5)Love must be enthusiastic. v11
(6)Love must be patient. v 12
(7)Love must pursue hospitality. v 13a
(8)Love must be generous. v13b
(9)Love must be kind. v14
(10)Love must show sympathy .v15
(11)Love must ensure harmony. v 16
(12)Love must show humility

Love is real and practicable. It is not just an emotion. That is why GOD commanded that we love one another, love can be demonstrated as follows:

(1)Giving James 12:15-16
(2)Humble service to people around us (Jesus washed his disciples’ feet)
(3)Genuine forgiveness- No retaliation or fighting back 1 John4:20. 1 John3:15
(4)Love in truth-Doing what conforms to Jesus’ deeds
(5)Jesus’ type of love – He lived among us doing good, healing the sick, always available and approachable without marginalizing the poor and the weak.
(7)Stop backbiting and spread of gossip but promote unity

(1)God the father gave his only son John3:16
(2)Jesus offered himself
(3)Out of love JESUS gave Holy Spirit
(4)Mose’s love for the Israelites. Exodus 32:11-14:31-33
(5)Jonathan love for David 1SAMUEL 20:17
(6)Ruth love for her mother in-law

Love not in words but as you speak and teach about love let us practice it, love is the perfection of the law Lev19:17, matthew19:19 also note the following:
(1)Love is the distinguishing mark of the true Christian.
(2)It is the summary of the Christians’ responsibilities in the New Testament. Roman13:9
(3)It strengthens the value of spiritual gift 1cor12:1-3.
(4)It is stronger than any of the spiritual virtue, even faith and hope. 1cor13:13.
(5)It governs our relationships with other Christians.


Mr. Seyi


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