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MIRACLE!!! How we healed a paralysed mad man. – NYSC EVANGELIST.

Four members of Benue State Zone ‘C’ chapter of the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship of Nigeria. NCCF, in Benue state have miraculously healed a mad man.
Bro. Victor Attah, who is also one of the student missionaries/evangelists told on Monday that the miracle occurred early morning on Sunday, 13 Jan. 2019, at Utonko, Ado local government area of the state.
An apparently elated Attah narrates how it all started like a joke in the car as he drove his three other co-evangelists on their return from a rural rugged evangelism in remote Ijigban village in the same local government. “We were four in the car, I was the one driving the car, while driving on the rugged road, a brother, Bankole Tomiwa declared that “God should help us to see a mad man.”
The law graduate said he quickly keyed in “and replied that its not a joke, we must heal any mad man we see, even as the other two brethren (Sis Alice Kekere and Brother Olumide) laughed along. As we continued the journey to the glory of God, I sighted the man seated by the road side in a place called Utonko in Ado local government, my friends were already fast asleep, I stopped, woke and told them that I have seen a mad man, we all rushed down, went close to him and i told them let’s worship God”.
The fair complexioned Law graduate explained further that they had not even started prayers when the insane man who was later identified as Gabriel started showing signs of sanity! “As we were worshiping in tongues, I started laughing and the other friends were just smiling; in less than 10 minutes the man started cleaning his body.
Attah and Gabriel after the later was healed of insanity.

“I asked him to stand up, which he did and then off his cloth, I gave him my cloth and gave him food, he ate and we started singing and dancing as he danced along with us”. Said Atta.

On lookers and passersby who are familiar with Gabriel were said to be astonished at the the jaw-breaking miracle they had just witnessed. “The villagers that have been seeing him came and testified that the man had been there for months and that he was also paralysed”. Accounted a visibly excited Atah.
Obviously because the four evangelists were Corp members on a mandatory one year youth service program, who probably live in lodges and quarters and barred from accommodating visitors, the quartet of brothers Victor Atta, Bankole Tomiwa, Olumide and Sister Alice agreed to hand over the just healed man to the Utonko village head, Chief Nich Isa.
Chief Isa while receiving the man in his residence was all praises for the miracle working Corp members. Likening them to the good Samaritan in the book of Luke chapter 10 in the Bible, the village head also gave them a bottle of wine and some cash gift which Atah siad they instantly handed to an obviously thankful Gabriel.


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