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Pastor who was jailed for founding a church has been released.

Pastor Andrew Brunson, the American Evangelical pastor who had been in a Turkish prison for alleged christianization, espionage and attempt to topple the Erdogan Tayipp led government in July 2016 has been released.

Mr. Brunson was held in a Turkish prison for almost two years despite denying all allegations and any farmiliarity with the Gulam Movement which was fingered in the failed coup de ta.

Senior White house officials had hinted at the release of Mr. Brunson who had lived in Turkey for over 20 years before he was eventually released.
At a hearing this morning, a Turkish court freed him from judicial control, which lifts his house arrest and travel ban.

What Turkey received in return is unclear. Earlier this summer, the two countries had reached an agreement that would have allowed Mr Brunson to walk free and a Turkish banker convicted by a New York court of money laundering to serve out the rest of his sentence back home.

Washington had stiffen conditions on imports from Turkey in addition to sanctioning of two top Turkish officials, in a diplomatic row fueled by the desire to secure the release of Pastor Brunson, who had lived in Turkey for over two decades.

There were significant tumblings in the Lira as a result of the sactions which also prompted Ankara to riposte with a counter sanction; when president Tayyip Erdogan called on citizens to boycott American products including, Apple’s iPhone device. Many videos were posted on Tweeter under the ashtag #Turkeywillprevail, where Turks are seen destroying their iPhones and other products of American origin.

This medium had reported the Brunson case from arrest to the time of his release.


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