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Campus Cultism – Grave of Dreams


The book is recommended for youths, parents, counselors, investigators and those who seek after knowledge for its own sake. Read it to be wise. Avoid the identified vices of cultism and strive to be on the right hand side of the law – Professor Joseph O. Fayeye (Department of Sociology, University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria)

It is a must for every home – Mallam Mohammed Garba (former President, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and WAJA (West Africa Journalists Association)

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About the Book

Campus Cultism – Grave of Dreams picks its concept from a true-life story of a young undergraduate who was cunningly tricked into the crude act of cultism. Though unconvinced and hesitant from the onset, he ended up getting involved. At last, he had all the negative experiences that usually come with cultism. His leg was amputated, he was expelled from the university, imprisoned for about six years and faced bleak future. It was a story told by the victim himself as a revelation of the dangers of cultism.

Aside the story-line, there are other segments such as ‘What you must know about cultism’, ‘Twenty-two facts about cultism’, ‘Negative news of cult activities on campuses’, ‘Confessions of five ex-cultists’, which are all packaged to give insight on various aspects of cult activities and how best to avoid them. It is deliberately designed to assist readers, especially those gaining admission into tertiary institutions to form an opinion on the subject matter.
Although much has been said and written about this unwholesome practice (Cultism) among students of higher institutions, none has presented us with a detailed account of what these cults stand for, who their members are and what motivates them. Shola Oyeyipo, an alumnus of my Alma Mata, has attempted to fill this gap…I therefore recommend this book to parents – particularly those who have children in higher institutions and I encourage student union leaders, administrators of higher institutions and other Nigerians to fill libraries in Nigeria with copies of this piece – Edwin Baiye (Managing Director, Daily Times of Nigeria Plc, Lagos – July 14, 2004)


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