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Weddings Cost Less in Tiv Land

Men who are still bachelors because they could not afford exorbitant basic marriage requirements in their states of origin can now look in the direction of the Tiv tribe of the country’s middle belt region for suitable spinsters as wives.
Tiv elders, under the aegis of Tiv Area Traditional Council, (TATC,) has announced the traditionally acceptable minimum age of marriage and maximum cost of wedding ceremony in Tiv land.
In a recent communique issued at the end of the General Assembly of the Tiv nation, which took place at the TATC Chambers presided over by the Tor Tiv, Professor James Ayatse, the elders decreed as follows:

* Total expenses on marriage including dowry or bride price and all sundry issues which at the moment vary from one community or family to another should not exceed N100,000.00 (One hundred Thousand Naira) in Tiv land.

* Any Tiv girl to be given out in marriage must attain the age of 18 years and above.

* The practice of holding festivities (wedding reception) in the house of the bride’s parents popularly known as Traditional Marriage involving cutting of cake, dances, and parties should be discontinued as it is alien to the Tivs’ way of life.

* Celebration of a new wife is to be done by the Tiv People only in the husband’s house.

* Traditional marriage ceremony where bride price is to be paid shall involve only the elders of the two families concerned. The practice of inviting large numbers of friends and well-wishers to the occasion is henceforth abolished.

* Violation of the marriage tradition shall attract boycott by traditional rulers and elders and the denial of traditional marriage registration, including other traditional sanctions as the community may deem appropriate.


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